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Margie Goldstein-Engle Wins the $130,000 Atco Nations Finale at Thunderbird Show Park

Margie Goldstein-Engle Wins the $130,000 Atco Nations Finale at Thunderbird Show Park

June 4, 2017

Langley B.C. It was a beautiful day and the perfect setting for American rider, Margie Goldstein-Engle and her big, bay stallion, Royce to take another win at Thunderbird Show Park. Coming off her win with Royce in Friday’s Nation’s Cup, Engle rode a perfect first round, and then came back for a second clear round in the jump off.

With a class of 31 starts Engle was 23rd in for the first round. Nicolas Pizarro was the first clear in the class after both Keean White and Jennifer Gates had faults. Next to join Pizarro in the jump off was Eugenio Garza Perez as he managed to navigate the tricky expectations of the course. Heather Caristo-Williams had a successful ride on her horse after it's antics at the Nations Cup, finishing with just one time fault. Canadians Ian Millar and Tiffany Foster both rode in the class, Ian finished with eight faults and after two rails Tiffany decided to retire.
And there wasn't another clear until Engle came in at 23rd. But she wasn't the last to go clear, the Irish were in it, and Connor Swail, Daniel Coyle, and Andrew Bourns all went clear. Last in the ring was Mexician rider, Antionio Maurer who made it seven in the jump off.

The first-round course really used the space of the grass ring. With room for big gallops but also some serious questions. Peter Holmes had perfect planning and with a tight five stride to a one stride with a very wide oxer coming out, it was a tough ride that created lots of rails. Riders needed to back their horses off enough to fit the five, but not too much that they didn't land so close off the first jump in the combination that they couldn't clear the wide oxer coming out.

That same line to combination was featured in the jump off, creating even more expectation for the horses in their ridability to come back off a long gallop, roll-back to the line. Pizarro was first back and set the tone with a clear round. He was followed by Perez who had one rail and a time of 42.14. From there it became a battle of speed. Engle was third in and lay down a fantastic ride with a time of 38.70. Using Royce's big stride, she galloped the bigger stretches but balanced him back perfectly for the 1.60 verticals that were just waiting for a horse to flatten out. Engle had to wait as the three Irish team riders all went out to beat her time. But they just couldn't catch her. Swail put in another quick, accurate ride, but just not quick enough, he timed in at 39.11 for a second-place finish. Coyle also another clear round but still not fast enough, he took third with 39.47. Bourns and Maurer finished up the class but no one came close to Engle's time. And with that it was another win for the American rider, after winning on Friday's Nations Cup, she and Royce took the win in the $130,000 Atco Nations Finale.


1. Royce - Margie Goldstein-Engle USA
2. Flower - Conor Swail IRL
3. Cita - Daniel Coyle IRL
4. CHS Inception - Andrew Bourns IRL
5. Galileo de Laubry - Antonio Maurer MEX
6. La Petite Fleur - Nicolas Pizarro MEX
7. Victer Finn DH Z - Eugenio Garza Perez MEX
8. Luebbo - Jamie Barge

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Team USA Take First Place in the Langley FEI Nations Cup

Girl Power! Team USA Take First Place in the Langley FEI Nations Cup

June 2, 2017

Langley B.C. – It was a win for the girls in the 2017 FEI Nations Cup at Thunderbird Show Park. Team USA was Heather Caristo-Wiliams, Catherine Nicole Tyree, Adrienne Sternlicht, and Margie Goldstein-Engle. The four top women rode exceptionally with a team that balanced young and experienced riders. Teams USA, Canada, Ireland, and Mexico all had their best teams as they were vying for those vital last points to qualify for the Nations Cup finals in Barcelona. With Team Canada taking second place, they will also be heading to those finals for the first time in two years.

Team USA had the lead after the first round with only four faults carrying forward after dropping Caristo-Williams score of 22. Team Canada sat in second with 14 faults, followed by Mexico and then Ireland. Canada was represented by Tiffany Foster, Chris Surbey, Keean White, and Ian Millar. Riders found the course challenging and with a tight time allowed. In the first rotation, there were only three clear rounds, American’s Sternlicht and Goldstein-Engle and Ireland rider Daniel Coyle. Canadian, Tiffany Foster was very close to clear with only one time fault.

Course designer Peter Holmes did a great job of creating enough suspense that coming into that second round anything could still happen. There was a water jump to a tall vertical that created quite a few rails, as well as the second to last jump was a hanging plank. The Longines triple combination was tight and moved straight into another tall vertical. Holmes went big and wide and every jump was a serious question for horse and rider.

Coming back in reverse order for the second-round riders had a better handle of the harder elements of the course. There were more clear rounds, including three of the four Canadian riders. Ian Millar showed his experience as the anchor rider coming in with a clear round on Dixson. By dropping White’s five faults Canada needed USA to get eight faults in their last ride to take the win. USA’s anchor, another rider with lots of experience in the role, Margie Goldstein-Engle, was last in for USA, she had one rail down but left the rest up, which was all USA needed for the win.

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Nations Cup Day

The sun is shining and the buzz around Thunderbird Show Park bright and early on Nations Cup Day is electric. All week, horses and riders have been showing their national pride decked out in team swag. For those who haven’t experienced one, there’s something unique and special about a Nations Cup. It’s a chance for riders who compete in a predominantly individual sport to be on a team, experience camaraderie and enjoy fierce competition with an even bigger support group cheering them on from the in-gate.

Tiffany Foster has jumped and won all over the world but still says her best riding experience and team experience was coming back from a tough first round at the Pan Am Games on home soil. “There was no negative sentiment or a feeling that my teammates weren’t behind be,” said Foster. Her teammates picked her up and challenged her to have a great second round and as we know, she did. 

Today’s class marks one of only three North American Nations Cup League this season and course designer Peter Holmes says we can expect it to be a challenging course with full height and spreads.

“Canada, USA and Mexico are all trying to qualify for finals. I try to pay attention to what horses and riders are showing and design for the level of competition. It used to be a test of how big you can jump but now it’s become more of a precision sport where focus and precision is so important. The best riders are able to slip around and make it look easy while being efficient.”

And as you’ll see this afternoon, Holmes has kept up with his promise of a top international level course. We’ve been tipped off that the biggest challenge for the riders will be a demanding triple combination and the water jump, both of which come up early in the track.

As for the field, defending champions Mexico will look to take back-to-back wins while Canada is looking to punch their ticket to Nations Cup finals in Barcelona. The Americans have a few young guns who have put forth great results internationally over the past few months and the Irish boast veteran experience with a competitive youngster who has been on fire.

As always, I’m incredibly impressed with what the team at Thunderbird can do and this week is no exception. It’s going to be an amazing weekend of show jumping at the Odlum Brown BC Open and if you haven’t already, mark it in your calendar and get out here. 

Kate Pettersen