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Conor Swail and Flower Win the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping in Langley

August 27th, 2017

Langley B.C. -  It was Conor Swail of Ireland and Flower again! The power due pulled two clears to take the win at the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping at Thunderbird Show Park. This was the fourth win for the pair at Thunderbird, and the third this week. Flower, a talented 12-year-old-mare, owned by Swail and his student Vanessa Mannix is quick and careful, and as Conor has remarked before – she is very quick across the ground.

Conor Swail & Flower. Ph: Moi Photography

Second place was Canadian Chris Surbey who rode Daylight VDL, a fairly new match for him he did a fantastic job with two clears as well, but finishing behind Swail with a time of 45.48. In the press conference Surbey remarks on how even though his horse is bigger and takes bigger strides, it is slower off the ground than Flower. Swail and Flower’s time in the jump off was 41.86 which is almost four seconds faster than Surbey’s. Surbey was one of two Canadians who represented Canada in the Longines FEI World Cup Finals back in April and is looking to be heading back there again.

Chris Surbey & Daylight VDL Ph: Moi Photography

Another Irishman, Alan Wade was the course designer, he did fantastic job with seven out of 26 coming back in the jump off. Wade utilized the big grass field and set some big verticals with room for options on the turns. Flower’s agile and strength off the turns could be seen as she tore around the jump off. The course had the variety of both technical questions as well as demanded strength and skill from the horses. One common spot for issues was the big Longines oxer coming into the triple combination, a few horses dropped a leg to catch the rail. There were a lot of rounds with just those disappointing four faults, many being top riders in the sport who were top contenders for win.

It was the perfect setting for Swail and Flower as the pair have had success all week at Thunderbird Show Park. Swail and Flower now look towards the next qualifier in the west coast series for the North American League of the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping.

Conor Swail & Flower. Ph: Moi Photography

1. Flower – Conor Swail (IRL)
2. Daylight VDL – Christopher Surbey (CAN)
3. Luebbo – Jamie Barge (USA)
4. Dolinn –  Sayre Happy (USA)
5. Wicked – Jenn Serek (CAN)
6. Armani Sl Z – Eugenio Garza Perez (MEX)
7. Abunola – Leah de Martini (USA)
8. Pumped Up Kicks – Jennifer Gates (USA)
9. Concetto Son – Laura Jane Tidball (CAN)
10. Samson II – Zazou Hoffman (USA)
11. Zilversprings – Elizabeth Gingras (CAN)
12. Navalo de Poheton – Andrew Kocher (USA)

Conor Swail the Master of the Speed Wins the Maui Jim Welcome

Langley B.C. – In tonight’s opening class for the Summer Fort Festival at Thunderbird Show Park Conor Swail and Flower take the win with a speedy time of 64.48. The twelve-year-old, bay mare is a spitfire and as Swail commented after his class, that although he had the same strides in the lines, “she is quick off the ground” which gives her those speedy times.

Taking second was one of the rare occurrences in show jumping, a tie! Eric Navet and Eugenio Garza Perez both tied for second with a time of 65.63. American Mandy Porter held the lead for the majority of the class with third into the ring getting a time of 65.69. But it was first Eugenio and then Eric to come edge her out for a fourth-place finish.

Being a speed class the riders had to navigate that forever tricky question of how fast to go, while still being careful enough to keep the rails up. But with thirteen clear it was a fantastic show of these talented horses and riders.

The course was perfect for a speed round, with lots of angles and places for riders to challenge the turns and then reach for the gallop. Those angles got a lot of riders with cutting it just too close and there were many four fault rounds. Swail was also able to use Flower’s impressive agility and power to save time on the corners as she turned on a dime and sprung from those turns with power.

It was a beautiful start to the week of jumping leading up to Sunday’s Longines FEI World Cup Jumping. Swail confirmed in his interview after the class that he will be taking Flower in the qualifier, so we look forward to seeing them both again on Sunday.


1. Flower – Conor Swail
2. Victer Finn DH Z – Eugenio Garza Perez
3. Basimodo – Eric Navet
4. Milano – Mandy Porter
5. Samson II – Zazou Hoffman
6. Wahrhaftige CR – Ben Asselin
7. Camerone – Lindsay Archer
8. Ninou – Jeff Campf
9. Clockwise of Greenhill Z – Uma O'Neill
10. Cair Paravel – Bryna Closson
11. Calypso van de Zuuthoeve – Laura Hite
12. Mai Tai – Karrie Rufer

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What You Missed in Stanley Park This Morning – Horses!

It was a stunning morning as the sun rose above the city skyscrapers, and then you turn to Stanley Park to see something unusual.  Horses jumping? Yes, horses jumping. Three horses and professional riders came to Stanley Park this morning bright and early. The picturesque scene of horses flying over huge jumps with the city in the background was something exceptional. The horses were jumping in Stanley Park to give a teaser for the upcoming international event in Langley this weekend.

Show jumping is when horse and rider compete over a series of jumps. The higher the level, the higher the jumps. The three riders out at Stanley Park this morning were all professionals, they compete at the highest level – Olympic height of a metre-60 (1.60 metres). That’s like jumping over your mini-van. These riders compete all over the world and are in town for the weekend for the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping.

Ben Asselin one of the three riders is Alberta born, at only 23 he has represented Team Canada on various occasions. Gareth Graves was the other Canadian, and is from Vancouver Island. He has risen up the ranks of international competition and also runs a training business. Karl Cook as the representing American won the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping in Langley last year, and hopes to repeat again this year. As some of the top riders in the world, these three came out bright and early to Stanley Park to give Vancouver a taste of what show jumping is all about.


Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping is a series that takes place all over the world, the event in Langley is at Thunderbird Show Park, and it is one of the qualifiers for the series. The riders compete in the qualifiers throughout North America to gain the necessary points to then compete in the finals that happen in Paris, France. Only two Canadians will be able to qualify for the finals, so we will be there cheering for our Canadians this weekend!

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Show Jumping In Stanley Park

As summer winds down, we're just getting started at Thunderbird. International jumping begins Wednesday with the $35,000 CSI3* Maui Jim Welcome, Friday features the $35,000 CSI3* Steel-Craft Doors Speed and Sunday afternoons main event is $135,600 CSI3* Longines FEI World Cup Qualifier presented by Facet Advisors.
In addition to great jumping at the park, Thunderbird is taking over downtown Vancouver! Come down to Stanley Park on Wednesday morning to watch Canadian rider, Ben Asselin, and last year's World Cup winner, Karl Cook, put on a jumping demonstration. We'll also be joined by Vancouver Police Mounted Unit as we show off the sport of show jumping and celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. The event is free and runs from 7 to 9 am in front of the Brockton Pavillion by the Totem Poles.


For directions and additional information about Stanley Park, visit the City of Vancouver's website here

If you're looking to spice up your World Cup Sunday, "The View Winery Rosé Party" is the spot for you. For the first time ever, we're giving fans the chance to watch Olympic caliber show jumping "in style" while sipping award winning frizzante sparkling wine in a private VIP tent overlooking the main event. In addition, we're giving away the ultimate prize package which includes $200 in clothing from BRUNETTE the Label and a case of the gold winning wine- silver lining, from The View winery- valued at $480. Tickets are only $20 and include parking, admission, covered seating, sparkling wine, canapes and entry into a raffle for a fantastic prize package.

Tickets can be purchased online here

Written by Kate Pettersen 

Eve Jobs Wins the $100,000 Reliable Rentals GP at Thunderbird Show Park!

Eve Jobs Wins the $100,000 Reliable Rentals GP at Thunderbird Show Park!

August 20th, 2017

Langley, B.C. – It was 19-year-old Eve Jobs with the fastest time on a beautiful Sunday at Thunderbird Show Park. Steve Jobs' daughter was competing for the first time at Thunderbird, and after a successful week of competition she beat out many of the top riders in the sport, winning the Reliable Rentals $100,000 Grand Prix.

Aboard Venue D'Fees Des Hazalles, a 12-year-old Belgium mare, Jobs had two clear rounds and a winning time in the jump off of 44.16. Out of the eight riders in the jump off, Sayre Happy, riding Dolinn, was the only other rider to go clear, with a time of 45.46.

Jobs' remarked after the class that she has not been riding Venue D'Fees Des Hazalles for very long. "I have actually only been riding her for a few weeks, so she's a new mount for me," says Jobs.

The course asked the right amount of questions for many riders in the class. There were lots of big names in the field, and there were some upsets, mostly around the water jump. Conor Swail and Karl Cook both had stops at the water.

Another American, Zazou Hoffman, had the fastest time of 39.88 – beating even speedster Rich Fellers, but she caught a rail on the last jump. Eugenio Garza Perez, who had won both Grands Prix the past two days, was expected to give Jobs a run for her money in today's class. Unfortunately, he had a stop at a big vertical coming out of the corner in the jump off.

Congratulations to Eve Jobs with the big win today! Thunderbird and the riders look forward to another week of competition and the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping on August 27th.


For further information please contact Emily Penn at emily@tbird.ca

guess the rider get a hat

We have started a new tradition at Thunderbird, as all traditions, it isn’t really a tradition until it has happened at least a few times, so maybe less of a tradition, more of development? Have you spotted one of these posters kicking around in Langley?
















You will notice the common theme from June’s FEI Nations Cup to the upcoming Longines FEI World Cup Qualifier.

Well it’s pretty, but these artistic creations are actually based off of photos. But here’s the catch, one of our tbird. favs is featured in this latest poster, but can you guess who?

Free tbird. hat to the first person to reply! email your answer to emily@tbird.ca

The View Winery Rosé Party

The View Winery and BRUNETTE the Label Partner with Thunderbird Show Park to Present the Ultimate Equestrian Experience

August 15th, Langley B.C.

One of North America’s top equestrian facilities, Thunderbird Show Park welcomes clothing partner, BRUNETTE the Label, and The View Winery for the ultimate Rosé Party. On August 27th, this unique experience will offer VIP seating to watch Olympic level show jumping with top riders from around the world, all while experiencing the new Distraction Frizzante sparkling wine released from The View Winery and the recently launched rosé collection from BRUNETTE THE LABEL. This exciting event will coincide with the Longines World Cup Show Jumping event at Thunderbird Show Park. The only event like this held in B.C., the Longines World Cup Qualifier is part of an international series that riders all over the world must compete in to qualify for the finals in Paris, France.

This is a wedge, dress, and fancy hat type of event where you can come sample wine and watch horses compete over 1.60 metre obstacles. The View Winery Rosé Party is $20 a person, you can purchase a ticket at the following link: Tbird Rose Party Tickets. This entry fee will include parking, prime VIP seating, a wine sample, canapes, and entry for a draw to win $200 in clothing from BRUNETTE the Label or a case of the gold winning wine, Silver Lining, from The View Winery, valued at $480. Free entry is available to those dressed up or in a fancy hat! But with limited spaces available priority will be given to anyone with a ticket purchased as well as free entry won’t include entry to the draws.

Event Details: $135,600 Longines FEI World Cup Qualifier – The View Winery Rosé Party
Where: Thunderbird Show Park
Location: 248th Street and 72nd Avenue, Langley
Date: August 27th, 2017
When: 2:00 pm

If you wish to come watch the competition with your family, there is also free stadium seating, pony rides, live music, shopping, food trucks, and of course, horse jumping! Please come join us for this unique event.  

Event Hashtags: Please use #FEIWorldCup #TbirdRoséParty

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International Show Jumping in Langley

International Show Jumping in Langley Olympic Equestrian’s Come to Thunderbird Show Park, Langley B.C. 

On Sunday August 27th Thunderbird Show Park hosts the third annual Longines FEI Show Jumping Qualifier. The only event of its kind in British Columbia, the voted number two top equestrian facility in North America hosts top horses and riders from all over the world as they compete in the international series.